Interview with reviewg

I sat down with reviewg to know about his journey as a Reiki healer and a Numerologist.

Rachit: Hi reviewg! Thank you so much for your time.

reviewg: The pleasure is all mine.

Rachit: So reviewg, how did you start into your journey as a numerologist and a Reiki healer?

reviewg: I have always been fascinated by occult. My father himself was quite immersed into astrology. I had an uncle too who was an expert astrologer, and we would visit her whenever we would want any guidance. It was during one such visit to my uncle that he got me interested in Reiki.

Numerology is something I dabbled into only five years back. It started as a hobby but it was only last year that I started taking paid consultations.

Rachit: What is Reiki?

reviewg: That is a very interesting question, because these days there are so many misconceptions regarding Reiki. I learnt Reiki almost 10-12 years back, when it was a newly introduced in India as a healing modality. The central belief of any such healing modality is based on the fact that everything is energy.

Now, when we do good things, it begets goodness in life. However, when we are angry, or upset, or suppress our feelings and emotions, it leads to the good energy depleting and negative energy settling in.

This negative energy, when accumulated, leads to all sort of miseries in life- disease, poor health, misfortune and anything bad that you can think of.

Reiki is the Universal Consciousness that flows directly from the Higher Planes of Existence, where there is no duality, to get rid of this negative energy and replenish and restore the levels of positivity in our lives.

Rachit: That sounds interesting. So how did you begin as a Reiki practitioner?

reviewg: Like I told you, I got attuned a long time back, but I would use it for my immediate family and friends. This was until Corona struck. There was a lot of demand for healing energies, and as a Reiki channel, I decided to step in.

Rachit: Tell us more…

reviewg: So, one of the central principles of Reiki is that the Reiki channel/practitioner must channel the energy only when there is an Energy Exchange. It can be monetary as well as non-monetary. I began healing people using Reiki, and I would get positive feedback, thank you notes from people, and then with word of mouth publicity, I also got requests for paid healings.

Rachit: So how did you debut on Instagram?

reviewg: There were two reasons to it. Firstly, as my handle name says, it is called reviewg for a reason. Out there are a lot of mediocre people, who exploit people in the name of being Reiki and Divination practitioners. My idea was to evaluate the quality of these practitioners and warn my friends and families against them.

Secondly, during the lockdown, I got so addicted to it- like this is my hobby and despite doing some of my consultancy pro bono, there were people who were ready to pay, and so I thought of utilizing this space!

As of date, I have had clients from India, US, UK, Canada, as well as Dubai. Some of them were NRIs, looking out for healing or remedies for job loss or quarrels in the home due to lockdown.

Rachit: And what about numerology?

reviewg: I practise Chaldean numerology and mobile number numerology. The founding belief of numerology is that all alphabets are related to numbers. Each number is unique in itself and has its own vibration, since these numbers are governed by the planets themselves.

I analyze a person’s date of birth and his name to see how the numbers, and consequently the planets, are governing a person’s life and what the person’s life situation is. If found bad, I offer remedies. These can be addition or deletion of extra alphabets in your name so that the frequency of the numbers of your birth date and your name is in sync and work in tandem for your betterment.

There are other religious and non-religious activities as well as remedies that I prescribe people to follow.

Rachit: And what of mobile numerology?

reviewg: It is a relatively newer field of application of numerology. In today’s day and age, mobile phones and thus mobile numbers have become ubiquitous. Since majority of communications, both in personal and professional life happens over mobile, the frequency of the numbers of your mobile phone can impact your behaviour both positively as well as detrimentally.

I help people in analyzing their lives and behaviour, and how they communicate with others, by judging their mobile number vis-a-vis their name and date of birth and suggest them remedies to do if in case they cannot change their mobile number.

Rachit: A lot of critics of divination and energy modalities say that these things are relatively generic and don’t work.How much of these things are formulaic and fluff?

reviewg: (Laughing), it depends what person are you approaching. Since you practise Tarot yourself, what would be your answer to it?

Rachit: I get your drift..

reviewg: .. which is that it depends upon how serious the practitioner is. A seasoned practitioner would always use intuition over going the textbook formula way. Not that these general guidelines don’t work; they very much do, but what distinguishes a good reader from a better reader is that the latter is using his intuition more than the generalities.

Intuition and belief, or trust, howsoever you may call it, are very important in this field. If your follower is believing you, the remedies and the healing will work, otherwise not.

Rachit: Don’t you think you are abdicating from your responsibility when you say that remedies and healing don’t work for non-believers?

reviewg: No, absolutely not. You need to understand is that all divination and healing tools are support systems. They can complement you in withstanding your obstacles and troubles and vanquishing them, but these things alone would not solve your work. You will have to do purushartha (hard work) along with that. Divination does not say things are set in stone. Your free will matters. Any healing or remedy helps you to exercise this free-will better, leading to better outcomes.

A very simple example being that practising and believing in the Law of Attraction is good. Having belief is important. But with belief, being persevering is also important. You cannot get a Mercedez by practising Law of Attraction alone. Similarly, you may be the smartest person in the room, but if you don’t believe in yourself, I am sorry friend, you have already lost.

Rachit: So you mean that everyone is different?

reviewg: Well yes and no. Philosophically speaking, every person is unique in the sense that he/she is irreplaceable. Everyone has a different destiny in store for them basis their karma which is unique only to them.

But, most people are similar in how they react to the adversities in their lives. Which is why I like working in this field, every person has a unique life yet similar irritants.

Rachit: What are your plans with your Instagram handle?

reviewg: These days I am busy with my own business. I am trying to take it online, so this is not receiving as much attention as it was getting during lockdown. But once my business is set up online, I would definitely try to explore this segment more online.

Rachit: You can seek my assistance in digital marketing for your business. I just graduated from Digital Deepak Internship Programme and would be happy to assist you.

reviewg: Definitely Rachit, that would be awesome. Let me know what does your cards say about this.

(Both laugh)

Rachit: Thank you so much for your time reviewgg. My readers would definitely enjoy this interview.

reviewg: The pleasure is all mine.

(reviewgg is a wonderful Numerologist and a Reiki Healer, and a Tarot Practitoner in making. He can be reached at @re_view_g on his Instagram handle for paid consultancy.)

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