Stressed? Relieve Your Anxiety with these 10 Steps

Our state of mind is always in flux. It is restless and always wavering. In the crazy hustle-bustle of life, people are stressed. The pandemic and COVID-19 have really increased anxiety amongst people. So, how does one regain one’s calm and composure and totally relax oneself? How does one ensure the soundness of one’s health? Let me list out some things you can do to stop being stressed and beat anxiety:

1)Read a good book

Reading is one of the best ways to relax your mind when it is stressed. It helps you transport into a different world, full of rich imagery. Contrary to what people feel, reading is not escapism. It is a productive habit that shapes your personality and thought-process. Reading helps build your comprehension and communication skill, which can also alleviate your anxiety if you struggle with your day-to-day communication.

2) Indulge in some self-care

In the world of Instagram and Snapchat, looking good 24*7 has become quite important. This peer pressure of social media can really be jarring.Taking care of how you look may add to your anxiety and have you stressed. A hectic lifestyle, pollution and a lack of takes a toll on your skin and your hair. In contemporary times when the world is ditching chemical-laden cosmetics, it is time we return to our herbal roots. Using herbal cosmetics for skin and hair will make you look calm and heal your body.

3) Have proper nutrition

A poor diet can lead to significant stress levels, detrimentally affecting your body. Extreme diets severely restricting calories may also make you stressed, instead of feeling content. It is necessary to have proper nutritional balanced diet to feel hale and hearty. That is because a healthy diet taken timely helps reduce the stress hormones in your body. So if you are skipping meals, or foregoing spices in your food, think again. For spices do help fight you daily blues. So make sure you are eating on time, taking healthy meals. And never forget, keep hydrating yourself. Drinking water regularly flushes out toxins from your body, that also contributes to stress.

4) Journaling

Journaling is one of the most underrated ways to fight anxiety when stressed. Journaling is self-talk. You pour your mind out while journaling. Journaling can include introspection, making plans, taking stock of your life, or simply venting.

Gratitude journaling, wherein you thank people for enriching your life, is particularly rewarding, for you appreciate your privileges and haves. This makes one feel content. The benefits of journaling are simply substantial.

So stop procrastinating, and keep a paper and pen in handy to jot down your thoughts to keep the negativity away.

5) Meditate

As they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The converse is equally true. This one is no-brainer. Meditation is the best antidote to stress. Meditation involves focused breathing, creative visualisation and surrendering yourself to nothingness. When you are not focussing on anything that makes you stressed it helps you regain clarity of mind. It helps you achieve a sense of calm. Meditatio can also help in boosting your learning process. So whenever you feel you have anxiety, try meditation to relax. Doing pranayama also benefits in fighting stress.

6) Try Alternative Healing

There are many alternate healing modalities that help you de-stress like cupping, Reiki etc. Indic school of thought views body holistically, encapsulated in a protective aura. This aura gets influenced by negative and positive emotions. Prolonged anxiety, a negative emotion, can be harmful to your aura. It deteriorates your aura. A weakened aura impacts the life-force of your body, your prana. When your prana is depleted, stress gets stored into your body,that causes physical discomfort and diseases. Pranic healing is a touch-based therapy that works telepathically as well. It involves manipulation of your energy or prana to relieve you of discomfort or if you are stressed. Trying a pranic healing session will surely leave you rejuvenated!

7) Study Spiritual Texts

Contrary to popular view, the answer to your stress and anxiety can be found in various spiritual texts like The Yoga Vasistha and the Bhagvad Gita. Bhagvad Gita is a treatise on how to live life with equanimity and equipoise, without being influenced by the material manifest, focusing on your goal and devotion with a detached attitude. A reading of Bhagvad Gita can unravel many answers that plague our mind everyday. A reading of Bhagwad Gita can bring calm in stressed times.

8) Volunteering

Volunteering helps you relieve stress since it is based on the principle of selflessness. When you help someone out of a difficult situation, it makes you content. Sincere community service can make you feel aligned with your higher goals, This makes you happy, releasing serotonin, alleviating stress. Always remember, volunteering for social causes is a noble thing to do.

9) Travelling

Travelling enables a change of environment and provides a break from a monotonous life. It helps freshen up the mind. Travelling as a stress-buster is nice, since you are venturing to try new things. But it is not recommended during COVID-19. However, don’t let that deter you from making your traveling goals!

10) Coaching

Sometimes, anxiety can haunt us badly. No amount of self-effort can rescue you from feeling stressed. In such a situation, seeking external help is beneficial. Enrolling yourself in therapy can help you when your mind feels heavy. Similarly, psychological counselling or practising NLP techniques can also help you regain your composure. While it is understood there is a lot of stigma involved around mental health and therapy, one must be unbashed in one’s approach and enrol for therapy to understand the underlying causes of stress to treat it.

These are some of the common ways to de-stress.The list is not exhaustive. There are so many ways to beat stress like dancing, listening to music, talking to friends, gardening, connecting with nature etc. Only a handful of these have been given here. Other ways to deal with stress will be discussed later.

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Until then, see you all, hopefully de-stressed!


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