Into The Future

This is an edited profile from a free-wheeling conversation we had with the young business tycoon Mr Rachit Gupta at the sidelines of his alma matter’s Annual Day wherein he was one of the keynote speakers amongst the distinguished panel of young achievers.

No one would have known him six years back. Some would say that his arrival was in an instant, but the brand driven by Rachit Gupta kept on making inroads into the real and virtual space quietly before it made its presence felt to all. Rachit Gupta, who started off as ‘just another digital marketer’ is now one of the most discussed case study of home-grown entrepreneurs, who, with his business acumen and sharp digital skills, has forayed into businesses of various hues- digital marketing, e-commerce,  agro-commodities, pharmaceuticals, and finance- by carefully cultivating a powerful personal brand and striking the right chords with changing sand of times.

As Rachit himself said,” I was a nobody with no clear direction in life. All I wanted was to earn money and make a difference to the world”. Easier said than done. He tried many things, and finally decided to learn digital marketing because “that was the thing”. Only, it was more than that. Rachit recounts he was afraid of doing sales, of approaching people to talk, and had no idea how SEO ranks your words and FB Ads drive sales, and thought he was a goner amongst a milling crowd of freelance digital marketers. Until he took the Digital Deepak internship, that provided him a holistic approach to Digital Marketing and opened up gates of opportunities he knew existed but couldn’t knock on.

And then, there was no turning back. A man possessed, he worked day and night, servicing clients, leveraging the digital marketing skill set into transforming his own business, and collaborating on new ventures. He learnt from the veterans, rubbed shoulders with his contemporaries, until he made an audience for himself. In the process, he kicked out all the demons he was fighting with, getting rid of counterproductive habits, managing a healthy lifestyle and losing his excess weight. In his late 20s, he was younger, fitter and more energetic than he was ever, and continues to be so as his age and career progresses.

But that’s only one side to it. Rachit believes he has matured as a human being, finding himself calmer and wiser than he ever was everyday. His next mission- publishing a fiction novel- might seem trivial compared to his scope of work, but he admits it would be a challenge he would like to relish. He is working on some other projects, billed as “secret” for now, but knowing the person that he is, we would know it would be related to fantasy world-building. Or do we, despite his dazzling presence?

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